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H&G Laundry set - Boys

R 590.00

H&G Laundry set - Boys - Waterhole This item is made on order and lead times of up to 5 weeks may apply. We will however always send your products as soon as it is ready.


A vibrant laundry bag set to take care of dirty laundry ruining the holiday! This laundry set is made from waterproof fabric with a tie-in rope and toggle!

Perfect to pack in your holiday bag and keep your washing tidy.

Tip! Heading back home..? Put your dirty laundry in the one and pack your clean clothes in the other!

How big is this bag?

A set with two bags that are each 67cm x 48cm 

Type: travel

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Laundry Partner for Preschoolers!

Say hello to the perfect laundry bag companion for your little one's school gear! This charming bag not only matches my son's schoolbag and lunchbox, but it's also spacious enough to accommodate all his school bedding and pillow - ideal for those still in preschool. No more juggling multiple bags or leaving items behind – this laundry bag has got you covered in style and convenience.

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