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What started out as a friendship since the very first day of grade one, evolved into a (almost lifetime) friendship and a very exciting business partnership!

Our love for being creative and providing something out of the ordinary is what lead to the Hansel and Gretel, the brand that are so loved today!

Where we create the magic

We have our own studio setup in Pretoria, South Africa where each bag is specially designed and carefully crafted by the H&G team in the heart of Pretoria.  Yes, all our bags and products are made in South Africa!

The materials we use

All our leather bags and trimmings are made with genuine bovine leather, sourced from local South African leather providers.

All our prints are uniquely designed. Every design and character has been hand drawn with the Hansel and Gretel theme in mind - which means they are each one of kind!  All our fabrics are printed in South Africa and the colours are carefully selected to keep our ranges fun and colourful! 

At Hansel and Gretel we pride ourselves on our products and we hope to keep the imagination alive!


Happy Shopping!