Full kidz mediset
Full kidz mediset

Full kidz mediset

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This is an incredible handy colaboration and includes

H&G chunky mediset

1 x large medical bag with insulated lining to keep all your meds in one place

1 x clear zippy medibag to easily fit in your handbag or diaper bag.


1. The bigger step-by-step booklet, jam-packed with information that you will need in the event that your child is ill. Written by Dr. Willie Roux, paediatrician from Kidz Cross in Worcester, and with a section on feeding your newborn – written by dietician Anél Kirsten.

2. The content of a complete first-aid kit (Valued at more than R520)
– x1 Burnshield Dressing 100x100mm
– x1 Burnshield Hydrogel 50ml
– x1 Solace sunscreen lotion SPF50 – Premium kids
– x2 Procrepe Bandage 50mm
– x2 FAD No. 3 (75x100mm)
– x1 FAD No. 5 (150x200mm)
– x2 Progauze Swabs Non-Sterile (75x75mm) 5’s
– x10 Kiddies’ plasters 
– x1 Plastipore (25mmx5m)
– x5 Cotton Buds
– x1 First Aid Scissors (Metal)
– x1 Metal Forceps
– x1 Safety Pins (12’s)
– x1 Rescue Blanket Paediatric
– x1 CPR Mouthpiece
– x1 Syringe 5ml
– x1 Antiseptic Wound Cleaner 50ml
– x1 Insect Repellent Wipes
– x2 Antiseptic Cleansing Wipes
– x1 Rehidrat Sachet
– x1 Digital Thermometer
– x1 Medicine Spoon

4. Some basic medication (chosen specifically for their longer shelf life)
– Painamol syrup
– x2 Movicol sachets
– x2 Glycerine suppositories
– Nappy rash cream hypo-allergenic
– Saline with aspirator

5. Additional value items
– CPR pamphlet
– Easi breathe Kit

The content of our kit covers the following:

  • Blocked nose,
  • Nappy rash,
  • Emergencies for e.g. superficial and larger burn wounds, cleaning and sterilising wounds as well as wound dressing,
  • Constipation,
  • Rehydration for diarrhoea and vomiting,
  • Basic tools for e.g. Thermometer, scissors, spoon etc.
  • Pain and Fever.

By law we are only allowed to sell non-scheduled medicine. A detailed list of additional scheduled medicine is included in our Step by Step guide.

2 week lead time if no stock..